Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Fault In Our Stars

What do you think?
Would you want to buy this book?
I like my poster because:

  • Its bright
  • Colourful
  • Bold colours
  • Its got keywords/points
  • Well described

I think it will sell loads of copies because:

  • I personally think its one of the best love story I have ever read and watched so far
  • Well written
  • Its intense
  • Its a movie and a book that you will love
  • It can make you laugh loud 
  • It can possibly maybe make you have happy tears!
  • Its based on a true story. WOW
If I can change anything, what will it be?
  • Space it out more (give it more space)
So what do you think? Please let me know down below! Please give positive feedback and not so positive feed back! THANK YOU!

Easy Blog Photo
This is what I did with Miss Plowman and the other students in room 10


  1. Hi Maria its me Mya love your poster and I now really want to read your the book you really convinced me.

  2. WOW Maria,
    that is a awesome poster. I like how bright and detailed the poster is! I learnt alot just from a small poster :) I think that this poster is the so pretty with all the decorations!

    Bayfield Primary School.