Monday, March 13, 2017

If I ran the school...

If I ran the school…

If I ran the school, I would let the school go on their devices on break, turn the school into to a yr 6 - 10 school, and the canteen would sell Mcas, Burger king ( ETC ) every Friday. I would add lots of obstacle courses, big playgrounds and a lot of prizes for different achievements. Read on to find out some more opportunities and things I’ll add to my fabulous school.

One of my ideas is an amazing opportunity to travel a lot. I believe that kids should be able to find out and explore more of what planet they’re living on. The school will learn about different unique cultures and identities, and the past about other countries they may not of heard of. We would go to Asia, America EVERYWHERE!

My next idea I would add to my school is to have a big sports court. Why do you ask? Because there might be people who are obsessed with sports. I’ll also add a sports shed to hold all the equipment. The sports you’ll be able to play is netball, soccer, basketball , cricket and anything else will be suggested by the school.

One of my last ideas is to have separate classes like A.C ( Aotea College. ) For an example, there would be an art teacher that has their own Art classroom. Obviously there would be paint, colouring pencils EVERYTHING you need for an art class. Here are all the subjects I’ll be adding: History, English, maths, art, P.E, writing, reading and anything else based on the student's interests. Every student will get a vote for what subject they’ll want to do frequently and to focus on to get above their line. They’ll still intend to each class, but hardly will. The whole school will get a timetable to what class they will intend to including the times.

There you go! That was some of my ideas I’ll add to my school. I hope you agree with my actions, and if you disagree Why? To sum this all up, I think this would be a kids dream come true, especially when there is going to be free Mcdonalds everyday!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Sign Language Name

Waikanae Pools

Waikane pools

On a sunny bright day, Rangikura school was lucky enough to get an amazing opportunity to go to Waikanae pools on the 8th of Feb 2017. The 5 buses arrived at 9:15 and all left at about 9:30, and took a solid hour to get to the pools. When we arrived there, the pool instructors explained the rules for our own safety.

As everyone dived into the pools, there was splashing everywhere, yelling, a lot of talking with your mates and swimming (Obviously). Everyone was having their time of their lives. I was soaking wet and freezing cold as I waddled to the slide to have a turn. As I waited and waited in the long line, I was getting a little impatient and felt like I was turning into solid ice, but luckily time past by and I FINALLY got a turn. 3, 2, 1 as I said in my head and gave myself a push into the big blue slide as the water rushed through my legs. The deeper I went into this slide it got darker, and darker until it was pitch black.  I shut my eyes closed (Just in case something pops up out of the blue and scares me). As I made it to the end, the big bright sun flashed into my eyes as I hopped out.

After a long day of eating, dancing in the water and swimming, I got changed early so the teachers don’t rush me like they always do. After a good 30 min of changing and bragging my mum to brush my long hair, I had a quick chat with my friends. As everyone came out of the changing rooms with baggy eyes looking tired, we lined up in class room lines and headed to the buses. We finally got to school at about 2:50 pm after that long 1hr ride back.. I rushed to my car and drove home with a big smile.


Here is my sister trying to flip, while I’m laughing at the back of her. The one in the blue is my friend Mereana and the one in the front is someone I don’t even know.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Gift Boxes by the Creators!

The reason why I don't have a poster to advertise my product was because I was in hospital, recovering from an sever asthma attack.  I recovered quick surprisingly and hope this doesn't happen again.  Anyways come along to Rangikura school, PREP market (13 December.)  There will be different items to choose from, and my group's one is gift boxes for Christmas since it's coming up. See you there!

Monday, October 17, 2016

My Book Review!


Apple & Rain

Title:   Apple and Rain                                                           

Author:   Sarah Crossan                                      
Illustrator:  None

Storyline:  There was a 3 year old girl called Apple.  One Christmas eve, her mum left to America to become an actress.  !0 years later, a taxi came to pick her up after school.  Surprise surprise the driver was her mum! They got along together, and Apple found out some relatives she never heard about.  There was a lot of drama between them though, and she keeps falling the love of her life. Read the book to find out more...

What I liked best:   I like the part when the mum threw a party, including her crushes invited! Something goes wrong…

What I didn’t like:  When her long lost sister keeps treating her doll (Jenny) like a living human.

Favourite character and why:  It would have to be Apple because I would want to be in her position with all the steamy drama.

Would you recommend it?  Apple and Rain is a interesting book that I would recommend for people who LOVES drama like me.  I would only recommend it for young adults because something can go quiet wrong that younger audience might not want to know / understand. There might be big words that younger audience may not know,  but is still a really interesting book.

Thanks for reading! If you have time to comment, feel free!