Monday, March 13, 2017

If I ran the school...

If I ran the school…

If I ran the school, I would let the school go on their devices on break, turn the school into to a yr 6 - 10 school, and the canteen would sell Mcas, Burger king ( ETC ) every Friday. I would add lots of obstacle courses, big playgrounds and a lot of prizes for different achievements. Read on to find out some more opportunities and things I’ll add to my fabulous school.

One of my ideas is an amazing opportunity to travel a lot. I believe that kids should be able to find out and explore more of what planet they’re living on. The school will learn about different unique cultures and identities, and the past about other countries they may not of heard of. We would go to Asia, America EVERYWHERE!

My next idea I would add to my school is to have a big sports court. Why do you ask? Because there might be people who are obsessed with sports. I’ll also add a sports shed to hold all the equipment. The sports you’ll be able to play is netball, soccer, basketball , cricket and anything else will be suggested by the school.

One of my last ideas is to have separate classes like A.C ( Aotea College. ) For an example, there would be an art teacher that has their own Art classroom. Obviously there would be paint, colouring pencils EVERYTHING you need for an art class. Here are all the subjects I’ll be adding: History, English, maths, art, P.E, writing, reading and anything else based on the student's interests. Every student will get a vote for what subject they’ll want to do frequently and to focus on to get above their line. They’ll still intend to each class, but hardly will. The whole school will get a timetable to what class they will intend to including the times.

There you go! That was some of my ideas I’ll add to my school. I hope you agree with my actions, and if you disagree Why? To sum this all up, I think this would be a kids dream come true, especially when there is going to be free Mcdonalds everyday!

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