Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Writing: Moment In Time......

The worst nightmare EVER
As Chris and I glanced at the flowers, they were as lovely as a rainbow reflecting on water.  We felt as cheeky as a kid stealing a lollipop from a dairy as we skipped towards the river. A bright flower petal fell from a tree and felt as light as a feather landing on our hand. As the sun shine goes across my face, the river shimmered like a chandelier sparkling in the moonlight. “Wanna go for a swim?” asked Chris. “Sure!” replied Alex as we both take of our shirts. As we cannonbolt into the fresh water, the water came at me as fast as a shooting gun shooting every breath we take. “WOO-HOO!!!” screamed Chris as Alex remembered that it’s a school day.  “Um, Chris...” mumbled Alex. “What?” questioned his mate. “ HURRY!!” as he hopped out full of speed. “IT’S A SCHOOL DAY!!” “AHHHHH!!!!!!!!” roared Chris.

Alex’s heartbeat pounded as fast as lightning striking every second. I grabbed my shirt and quickly putted it on while both of us stayed speechless. As they ran over the the delightful flowers, through the tall apple trees, Alex and Chris spotted their parents setting up a humongous tent. “OH MY GOD…” said Alex as they stood there stunned and in dead silence. Thump thump THUMP went Chris’s heartbeat while the sweat came down Alex’s face. “I just remembered that my parents were going camping with your parents!!” exclaimed Chris as the mother catches their eyes glaring at her…. “RUNNNN!!!” screamed Alex as they ran as fast as the Flash running through the woods.

“WAIT!!!” yelled a mysterious voice as Chris loses his balance and face plants his way into a spiky rose bush. “Chris??” wondered Alex as he stopped running for his life. “I need to go…”whispered the boy to himself. “I can’t help you…” as he thought to himself while he spots their parents catching up. “AHHHHHH!!!” screamed Alex as he turns around and….  BAMMM went his head into a tall apple tree. “AHHHHHHHH!!” screamed Alex again as he woke up from his worst nightmare ever. “ OH WON’T YOU JUST SHUSH PLEASE!!!” yelled Chris with a face looking like a burning fire ball.

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  1. This is a very funny story about the worst nightmare!
    I like how you had lots of descriptive language and it painted a picture in my head.
    From Zara Bayfield school