Monday, October 17, 2016

My Book Review!


Apple & Rain

Title:   Apple and Rain                                                           

Author:   Sarah Crossan                                      
Illustrator:  None

Storyline:  There was a 3 year old girl called Apple.  One Christmas eve, her mum left to America to become an actress.  !0 years later, a taxi came to pick her up after school.  Surprise surprise the driver was her mum! They got along together, and Apple found out some relatives she never heard about.  There was a lot of drama between them though, and she keeps falling the love of her life. Read the book to find out more...

What I liked best:   I like the part when the mum threw a party, including her crushes invited! Something goes wrong…

What I didn’t like:  When her long lost sister keeps treating her doll (Jenny) like a living human.

Favourite character and why:  It would have to be Apple because I would want to be in her position with all the steamy drama.

Would you recommend it?  Apple and Rain is a interesting book that I would recommend for people who LOVES drama like me.  I would only recommend it for young adults because something can go quiet wrong that younger audience might not want to know / understand. There might be big words that younger audience may not know,  but is still a really interesting book.

Thanks for reading! If you have time to comment, feel free!

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