Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Olympic Artwork 2016!

Olympic Artwork 2016!

This term we (as in Room 10)  have been working hard on a piece of olympic artwork full of similes, metaphors, a maths tessellation, olympic vocabulary and our heads on our fav athlete!  

First of all, let’s talk about the similes and metaphors. Example of a simile: A bright flower petal fell from the tree and felt as light as a feather landing on our hand. Example of a metaphor: My pulse is a race car, drifting through the woods. The definition of an simile is a comparison between two things, using like or as.  A definition of a metaphor is a DIRECT comparison between two things without using as or like.  As you can tell, the similes and metaphors are the speech bubbles and the thinking clouds. Can you guess which one's which?  

Next I’m going to tell you about the tessellation.  If you are wondering what a tessellation is or means, It’s a repeating pattern without any overlapping and gaps. You can create this repeating pattern with either regular polygon or irregular polygons!  This tessellation was made up by myself and a few classmates that were kind enough to help me with the background.   If you look at the tessellation in portrait mode, it will look like a number 8! The shapes that I used to create this regular tessellation was a hexagon, a triangle and a square. I am proud of my tessellation!

Now,  let me explain why friendship, excellence and respect is on my piece of artwork. These are the 3 olympic values that athletes demonstrate at the olympics.  The rest of the vocabulary is  words that are related to the olympics such as gold, silver, bronze to represent the medals and 2016 Rio because the olympics were played in Rio, 2016!

Last but not least, the athlete I’m playing as is Sonny Bill William because he is my favourite olympian, even though he got injured during a rugby game.  This piece of artwork represents all different kinds of subjects we normally do at school - Maths and art for the tessellation, the vocabulary, the similes and metaphors were part of our writing.   

Now this lovely piece is hanging above our heads in Room 10!


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