Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to weave a 3D box

     How to weave a 3D box

Things you will need: Paper, scissors, tape, pen/pencil and a ruler that rules up to 30 cm.
(Gather all the equipment to get started.)

Step one: Get your paper, ruler and and pen and rule 30 cm long and 1 cm wide and make sure it is nice and straight.  Repeat this until you have 10 nice thin lines.

Step 2: Now, cut them out carefully with your scissors.

Step 3: Eventually you will have 10 strips of paper.  Now place 5 strips about 2 cm away from each other on a flat table. (laying horizontal)

Step 4: As soon as that is over, get 1 of your other remaining strips and start weaving it (under, over, under and so on) starting at the bottom is best. At the end of doing it, it should look like a chess board game.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 with the remaining 4 strips of thin paper.  When you have did one in the pattern of over, under, over under, star a new one that goes in the pattern of under over under over or else this project will not work.  WATCH OUT! This is a very fragile and easy is very breakable.

Step 6: To make this look like a ACTUAL 3D box, pull all the strips in place to make a square in the middle and it will look like you have spend a LONG time making this! TIP: to pull them all together, pull one at the time to the middle. You can try pulling side to side, up or down to help you create the weaved square in the center. Leave the hanging strips alone because we will be doing something with it later.

Step 7: Carefully, pull it nice and tight all together (like I said, IT’S VERY FRAGILE!) Now, grab your tape and stick the square. ( Maybe you should get a hand to do this step to make it easier.) Only stick the top of the square but not anywhere else!

Step 8: After that, grab some more paper,  your ruler and your pen/pencil and rule a 24cm long and 1cm wide strips. Make 4 of these.

Step 9: Take 1 at the time, and fold them into 4s. Now, grab one strip of paper and weave it through one side. (Remember, you have to go under, over, under, over and so on. Repeat this step to make this project. (keep it nice and tight)

Step 10: Stick everything nice and tight, and fold it up to look like a box without a roof. If there is any bits hanging up, stick it down carefully so it doesn't look messy.

Now you are done! Feel free to try this with other colours to give an illusion! This is a good gift for anyone. This is a easy thing to make when you are bored. enjoy!

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