Monday, April 11, 2016

My new Duffy books for Term 1 :)

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These books are the ones that I got from the Duffy box. Before we opened the box full of excitement, we had to go to a assembly with a special guest. But for now, lets talk about my books. Enjoy!

I'm going to start of with the first one called, Do you dare? The author is H.Becker and is a book full of would you rather's. ( That takes it WAY too far) I personally think that it is one of the hilarious books I have ever read, that it even has a zombie escape plan! I rate this 10/10. Please read this book if you can find it in any libraries in your school, or even a public library! Its a great book so check it out.

Now lets end of with a popular story, Frankenstein. This story is about a scientist, who creates a incredible, evil creature. One day, his project was finished and was trapped in a cage. I have know idea why, but he has UNLEASHED the terrible monster. Victor Frankenstein has basically let his creature escape not knowing, that he can't control this thing. I think this book is for 10+ because there might be things little kids don't want to hear. I'll rate this 9/10 cause I personally LOVE dramatic horror movies so this is perfect for me! The author is Mary Shelley and make sure to look out for her other books because there is more.

Thank you for reading my wonderful book review and I hoped you enjoyed. Bye!

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