Monday, April 11, 2016

My whanaungatanga Term 1

Welcome to my artwork. This piece tells a whole story. Today you will find out what Manaakitanga and Whanaungatanga means to me and why my pepeha is important. I am proud of myself making this because it took me nearly 9 weeks. Enjoy!

Let’s start of with Manaakitanga. Manaakitanga means to show perseverance, kindness from one person to another, being respectful to each other and the environment and using your manners all the time e.t.c Whanaungatanga means a sense of belonging to a group such as our loving family.  We can feel we belong, loved and especially safe with our whanau. These things make me smile.

Now let’s move on to my pepeha. It includes what school I go to, who my principal is, what teacher I have, what class room number my class uses, where I was born, what last name I use, what my name is and how old I am in maori. This is important to me because it tells who I am and what my whanau stands for.

The drawing of my face was made with the help of my teacher Miss hills. First we had to take a lovely picture of ourselves.Then Miss Hills printed it out in black and white so it will give a cool illusion of colour. After that, we had to cut our face out in the center, stuck it on a white piece of paper and started sketching the other side of our face.  As soon as that was finished, all of us would colour it in with pastels.  Then my class, including me, dyed it with the choice of any colour. We let it dry over night and that’s how it came out!

My identity tells a whole story. It represents me and my family and how you see me as a person. This was supposed to tell a story but in art. It includes the symbol of Tokelau (toke turtle), the Tokelau flag because that is my culture.  It has a white and red coloured cross because that’s the other symbol for Tokelau.  The New Zealand flag represents where I was born in and where I live now.   My first name and last name is there so they know what my name and last name is because that is who I am.  6 Tokelau flowers that represent how many members are in my family and also the Tokelau flower is just a beautiful flower to draw. Last but not least, my piece of art that has 6 korus represent all of us staying together as one and that we all show Manaakitanga to one and another.

I hope you enjoyed! Please leave a nice comment for more awesome work like this. Thank you!

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